How to convert PDF file to Word file with all specifications, fonts and attributes?

Tips for Beginners

We can easily edit Word files or Excel worksheets. But it’s always difficult to edit a pdf file especially when you need to convert it with all tables, fonts and specifications. You can easily edit your pdf files by converting them in word format.

1: Go to PDF Online,

Image 001

2: Click “Upload a File to Convert”.

Image 002

3: Select pdf file you want to convert, saved in your computer.

Image 003


4: Click “Open” and wait for the file to load on PDF Online, If your file contains heavy data and more images, it can take a little more to load on the site.

Image 004

5: Once processing is complete, You can view your pdf file. Click “Download”.

Image 005

6: Click “Download Word File”.  File will be saved in your computer’s downloads folder automatically.

Image 006

7: Here is your word file with all specifications, fonts and attributes that you can easily edit.

Image 007

Image 008

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