How to link excel files to compile data

Tips for Beginners

Excel spreadsheets are used to compile and calculate data. We can calculate large amounts by simply applying formulas in excel sheets.

We can not only calculates values with excel, but we can also use it to save and calculate data in a single spreadsheet. See how you can use excel to compile your data with some simple steps.

We have an excel sheet in which we maintain expense record on monthly basis. We have to compile record for the period of 2010-2020. You do not need to update both files each time. The only thing you have to do is to link files, by doing this, once you will update your monthly record, annual record file will automatically be updated. Let’s see how.

Tips for Beginner

Tips for Beginner

Step 01: Right-click on first cell in “total” column and Copy.

Tips for Beginners, Excel tips

Step 02: Go to annual sheet, “Expenses Year 2010-2020”, and right-click on the first cell of “2010” column. Select “Paste special” and then click on “Paste link”.

Tips for Beginners, Excel tips

Link entire column in the same way. If you make any change in monthly sheet, the change will automatically apply on annual sheet.  Two separate sheets can also be linked using the same formula.

Tips for Beginners, Excel Tips

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