How Change pfSense Firewall Gateway Or Default Internet Connection

How you can change pfSense firewall gateway or default internet connection?

Open Browser and Enter the IP address of pfSense firewall … Suppose your firewall ip is

Then Following login screen will appear ….

pfSense Login Screen-Change pfSense Firewall Gateway

Enter user Name and Password …. Default User name : Admin  and Password is : pfsense

Now Go in System Menu and Click on “Routing”  follow in Screen Shot ….

pfSense Menu

Now Routing Screen appears ….  Click on “Edit” Which you want WAN or Internet Connection Default ….

Routing Screen

In Edit you Can See there Is check Box for ” Default Gateway “….

Gateway Edit Screen-Change pfSense Firewall Gateway

Now Click on Check Box  then Save Button

Save Edit Setting-Change pfSense Firewall Gateway

Now Click on Apply Changes … and now You Can Notice there is changed the Gateway ….

Apply Changes

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