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How to add Item/Product in ESRP (Inventory/Sales Tab)? -

How to add Item/Product in ESRP (Inventory/Sales Tab)?

Step 1: Go to “Inventory” tab and click on mirror of location to add the location of product in warehouse or point of sale.

location setup-item master data-esrp

To add new location, Click on “location” and that will take you to the location setup.

add-new-location-item master data-esrp

Select Item location by clicking on the mirror icon before “Item location code”.  Select the location where you want to create a sub-location. Write down Sub-Location code (Should be an alphabet always) and description and click “Save”.

sub-location-item master data-esrp

Select a sub-location to add a trans location. Write down code and description and click “Save”.

trans-location-item master data-esrp

Step 2: Give a minimum level to the product. Minimum level is defined to keep an eye on inventory. When a product reaches to a minimum level of quantity, you will receive an alert at the time of product issuance.

item-minimum level-item master data-esrp

Step 3: Set a re-order level for the product. It will help you when you are going to make a purchase order to your vendor. Keeping  minimum level ad re-order levels same will be beneficial as once you get an alert  of minimum level, you’ll get to know that you should re-ordering  this product before its getting out of stock.

item-reorder quantity-item master data-esrp

Step 4: Move to the “Sales” tab and set a sale price for the product. Sale price will appear when you are going to sale out a product against invoice. If you offer customer points on sale, you can set the points for each product.

product-sale-price-item master data-esrp

Note: Sale Price is editable on sale invoice.

Step 5: Revenue a/c (Income account) is for you if you are maintaining a chart of account at the back-end. Giving a specific revenue account for a products means that when product will be sold out, its revenue will be automatically transacted to the given account. Click on the mirror icon to assign a revenue account.

product-income-account-item master data-esrp

Step 6: Click the mirror icon to assign a “Stock Out” account for the product. By assigning stock out account, upon issuance of stock, your assets account will automatically be credited.

stock-account-item master data-esrp

Step 7: Define Tax Percentage applicable on sales of the product. If there are no taxes applied on sales of the product in your region or organization, put a numerical “zero” in all fields.

taxes on sale-item master data-esrp

Note: All fields are editable except “Item No.”

For “General Tab”, Click Here.

For “Purchase and Remarks Tab”, Click Here.

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