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How to add Item/Product in ESRP (Purchase/Remarks Tab)? -

How to add Item/Product in ESRP (Purchase/Remarks Tab)?

Step 1: Go to “Purchase” tab and set a purchase price for the product. Purchase price will appear when you are going to Purchase a product against Purchase Order. If you earn points on purchase, you can set the points for each product.

purchase price and points-item master data-esrp

Note: Purchase Price is editable on Purchase Order.

Step 2: If you wish to set a default vendor for the product, click on the mirror icon before default vendor and select from list of vendors.

default vendor-item master data-esrp

To add a new vendor, click on “Default Vendor” and that will redirect you to vendor setup form.

add new vendor-item master data-esrp

Step 3: Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Account is for you if you are maintaining a chart of account at the back-end. Giving a specific COGS account for a products means that when product will be issued from stock, its Cost will be automatically transacted to the given account. Click on the mirror icon to assign a COGS account.

cost of goods sold-cogs-item master data-esrp

Step 4: Click the mirror icon to assign a “Stock In” account for the product. By assigning stock in account, upon receiving of stock, your assets account will automatically be debited. (Stock in & Stock out accounts are always same)

stock in account-item master data-esrp

Step 5: Define Tax percentage applicable on purchase of the product. If there are no taxes applied on purchase of the product in your region or organization, put a numerical “zero” in all fields.

taxes on purchase-item master data-esrp

Step 6: Move to “Remarks” tab, and write down specific remarks (if any) about the product.

product remarks-item master data-esrp

Step 7: If you want to add product image, click on “Select Image” and you will be redirected to your computer folders to select product image. Select your product image from your computer and click “Open”.

product image-item master data-esrp

Step 8: Click on “Save” to save the product.

save product information-item master data-esrp

Click on the mirror icon next to “Item No.” or Press F3 and you can see your product in list now.

see product in list-item master data-esrp

Note: All fields are editable except “Item No.”

For “General Tab”, Click Here.

For “Inventory and Sales Tab”, Click Here.

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