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How to add New Vendor Profile in ESRP? -

How to add New Vendor Profile in ESRP?

Step 1: Go to “Business Partners” and click on “Vendors”

add vendor profile, esrp

Step 2: Write down “Vendor Code” and “Vendor Name”

vendor code and description, esrp

Step 3: Select “Vendor Type” from drop down. If want to assign a new type that is not listed, Click on “Type” and you will be redirected to “Vendor Type Setup”. Write down “Code” and Description and click “Save”.

vendor type, add new type, esrp

Step 4: Fill out necessary information Contact Person, Address, Phone No., CNIC, GST No. NTN, Fax, Email, etc. Fields are not mandatory so you can fill the information you have, and skip other fields.

vendor contact details, esrp

Step 5: You can set Payment terms for each vendor.

vendor payment terms, esrp

Step 6: If you are maintaining chart of accounts, You can assign a specific accounts code to each vendor to maintain your Liability account. Click on mirror icon before “Account Code” and search for your vendor account in COA.

vendor account code, chart of accounts, esrp

Step 7: Put an “Opening Balance” for the vendor (Opening balance is usually the outstanding balance). If it’s a new vendor, Put a Numeric “Zero”.

vendor opening balance, esrp

Step 8: Check “Active” box and click “Save”.

active box, esrp

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