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How to Easily Delete Blank Rows in Excel Worksheet? -

How to Easily Delete Blank Rows in Excel Worksheet?

If you have a lot of blank rows in your excel worksheet, the biggest problem you’ll have to face is that you cannot apply Filter on your data. To delete blank rows you can select each row and delete one by one but that’s a time-consuming task. You can delete all blank rows very quickly and easily in some simple steps.

Step 1: Go to your worksheet and select the area in which you want to delete all blank rows.

select area, excel

Step 2: You can either go to “Find & Select” menu and move to “Go To Special”

find & select menu,excel

Or Press “CTRL+G” and Click on “Special” button

go to special, excel

Step 3: Select “Blanks” and Press “OK”

select blanks, excel

You can see all blank rows in selected area are highlighted.

highlight blank rows, excel

Step 4: Click on down arrow of “Delete” button and select “Delete Sheet Rows”

delete menu, excel

Here You Go!

all blank rows are deleted, excel

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