Angular 2 Component Understanding for Beginners

What is angular 2 Component ?

Before we have  a look for the component  we need to know about DOM ( Document Object Model ).

What is DOM…?     All HTML/XHTML/XML element which appear in front of the user ‘s browser are Structure or Managed in the DOM.

As you know about   HTML Tags and DOM elements  like   input / Text area / button etc.  have properties and Event which controlled by DOM.


Lets say we need a Component which shows us All List of Students in the DOM.. in angular2 we create a component which will responsible to show us List of Students …

First of all we create a typescript  class in VScode  students.component.ts


Create Ts File


Please see the naming convention students.component.ts

.js and files extentions


Then automatically create  to more files with naming convention .js and ….


@Component Decorator Import in Class

Now look at Step 1  I import  { Component }  Decorator ( Module ) …..

Then in Step 2  @Component ({ })  this is Decorator Method and tells students  class that this class going to be a  Component

@ prefix tell it’s a Decorator Function

And   in the step 3 we  export the student s  class as StudentsComponent {   }


Please have a look on naming Convention  S and C in uppercase ….


Now let have brief look in @Component({  }) method which is Decorator for  the  students class Component …  

Component Decorator Attributes

There is Two Basic attributes

Selector : ‘students’,  

Its specify the students is a CSS selector angular 2  will  Check this selector and will create Instance for Students Class

Template: ‘ <h1> Students List  </h2>

When the instance  instantiated angular the insert the template HTML Inserted in to the DOM ….

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