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Fit a Rectangular Image in Your Whatsapp Profile Picture -

Fit a Rectangular Image in Your Whatsapp Profile Picture

Once people used to communicate through letters, telegrams etc. But this era is of Whatsapp, Skype, Viber and many other applications Google has launched. Among all these, “Whatsapp” introduced by Android has achieved great fame.

People make voice calls, individual and group chats, share images and videos through Whatsapp. Whatsapp status is something to describe how you are feeling or you may describe anything in a Whatsapp status.

Profile picture is something people see and recognize who you are. You have a beautiful picture and wish  to make it your profile picture on Whatsapp, But the problem is that whatsapp allows only square images to make your profile picture. If your picture is in rectangular form, you need to crop your image to square shape before making it your profile picture.

Rectangular Image,, whatsapp

Here is the Solution for your problem!

Step 01: Go to Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Step 02: Press mirror icon on upper right corner of screen.

google app search

Step 03: Type “Insta Square” in search bar.

insta square app

Step 04: Select the App “Insta Square Size-No Crop”.

insta square size

Step 05: Press “Install” button.

install app

Step 06: To let the installation proceed, Press “Accept” button.

accept policy

Step 07: App will start downloading, You can see the process.

downloading appProcessing app


Step 07: After downloading, Its installation will start in your device.

installing app

Step 08: You can open the app by pressing “Open”

open app

Or Move to the shortcut of “Insta Square” app, created in your Phone.

app shortcut

Step 09: Press “OK” for the notification window.

agree terms

Step 10: With this app, you can give your images different styles. Select “Size” to make your image square from rectangle.

picture size

Step 11: Choose folder to open the image.

image gallery-source folder

Step 12: After selecting image, Press camera icon to save image on the upper right corner of screen to save the image.

select and save image

Step 13: Press back button on your Phone, It will prompt you to re-save the image. Press “No”.

refuse resaving

Note: You may see some advertisements during the process.

Step 14: Now, Go to Whatsapp Settings

whatsapp settings

Step 15: Click on “Profile Picture”

profile picture, whatsapp dp

Step 16: Select Picture icon to add a profile picture to  your account.

select picture

Step 17: Select “Gallery” to open image folder.

gallery source folder

Step 18: When you will move to “Gallery”, you will discover a new folder in your gallery named “insta_square”, this folder contains all your edited images through insta square app. Open the folder.

insta square folder in gallery

Step 19: You can see that the same image that was cropped before, now fit in your profile picture. Press “OK”.

select image and proceed

Enjoy hurdle free sharing, communication and settings. Express your feelings and spread your word freely.


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