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How to Edit More Than Top 200 Rows in SQL Server 2008 | Meet Expert

How to Edit More Than Top 200 Rows in SQL Server 2008

According to the Default settings, you are allowed to edit top 200 rows of any table in SQL Server 2008. But what, if you have more than 200 transactions in Database and need to edit/delete any current transaction that will take place in the last of list and is not included in top 200 rows. With this simple tutorial, you can edit more than top 200 Rows in SQL Server 2008.

Image 001-SQL 200 rows

Here we are going to tell you that how to increase the number of editable rows in SQL Server 2008.

Go to Start Menu and Click on “SQL Server Management Studio” under Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Image 002-Start Menu

Select “Server Name”, Put Login and Password and Click on “Connect” to get into the database engine

Image 003-Connect SQL

In database table, When you Right-Click, You can see “Edit Top 200 Rows”. This is a default option by SQL Server Management Studio

Image 004-Table Properties 200 rows

Go to “Tools”, and Click on “Options”

Image 005-tools and options

In options window, Select “SQL Server Object Explorer” in left menu. You can see “Value for Edit Top Rows command” is 200

Image 006-SQL Server Object Explorer

Click and Change it to 300 or 400 and Click “OK”.

Image 007-Properties 300 rows

Now go to any of database table, right-click and see the result.

Image 008-Result

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