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Add Text/Picture Watermark to MS Word Document | Meet Expert

Add Text/Picture Watermark to MS Word Document

Microsoft Word is used for drafting, letter writing and business documentation. We need to mark some documents as confidential or we need to make our document organization specific by pasting our company logo as watermark. Let’s learn how to add text/Picture Watermark to MS Word Document

Open a MS Word document, Go to “Page Layout” and “Watermark”

1-Add Watermark

Click on small down arrow to explore the menu and go to “Custom Watermark”

Check the box before “Picture Watermark”

3-Add Picture

Click on “Select Picture”

4-Select Picture

You will be redirected to your folders, Browse for the picture

5-Insert Picture

You can Scale your picture

6-Scale Picture

Check the box “Washout” if you want your image to be less visible and Click “OK”7-Washout effect

Here’s the result

8-Resultu with Washout

For Prominent visibility of your picture, leave the “Washout” box unchecked

9-Washout uncheck

See the result

10-Result without washout

If you wish to add a text watermark, check the box before “Text Watermark”

You can change the language of watermark and write the desired text in “Text” section

12-Edit Text

You can also change Font, Size and Color of text

13-Change color

Select “Semitransparent” to less visible your text as watermark

15-Diagonal Result

Uncheck “Semitransparent” if you wish to give your text a prominent visibility, also see horizontal effect

16-Horizontal effect

Click “Apply” and “OK” to save the results. 


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