Add Text/Picture Watermark to MS Word Document

Open a MS Word document, Go to “Page Layout” and “Watermark”

1-Add Watermark

Click on small down arrow to explore the menu and go to “Custom Watermark”

Check the box before “Picture Watermark”

3-Add Picture

Click on “Select Picture”

4-Select Picture

You will be redirected to your folders, Browse for the picture

5-Insert Picture

You can Scale your picture

6-Scale Picture

Check the box “Washout” if you want your image to be less visible and Click “OK”7-Washout effect

Here’s the result

8-Resultu with Washout

For Prominent visibility of your picture, leave the “Washout” box unchecked

9-Washout uncheck

See the result

10-Result without washout

If you wish to add a text watermark, check the box before “Text Watermark”

You can change the language of watermark and write the desired text in “Text” section

12-Edit Text

You can also change Font, Size and Color of text

13-Change color

Select “Semitransparent” to less visible your text as watermark

15-Diagonal Result

Uncheck “Semitransparent” if you wish to give your text a prominent visibility, also see horizontal effect

16-Horizontal effect

Click “Apply” and “OK” to save the results.

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