How to create balloons in Adobe Photoshop

Go to “File” menu and Open new document

Set “Rulers” to get the center of document

Select “Gradient tool”

Choose a style from Gradient editor and Click “OK”

Drag from Center point to right-bottom on document

Press CTRL+J to make a copy of layer, go to Filters>Render>Lens Flare

Set Lens Type to 105mm and Click “OK”

Create another copy of Layer with CTRL+J, Under “Layers” tab, Click “Normal” and select “Overlay”

Go to Filters>Distort>Polar Coordinates

Check “Rectangular to Polar” and set percentage to 12.5%

Hide other Layers, Press CTRL+T, right-click on image and “Flip Vertical”

Select Curve in transformation and reshape image

Create a copy of image and resize the copy to make a bead of balloon

In Blending options, Select “Inner Shadow”

Set Bland mode to “Color Dodge”

Change color to “White”

Merge Layers to make it a single object for use on other backgrounds

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