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How to Create Data Entry Form in MS Excel -

How to Create Data Entry Form in MS Excel

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are commonly used to sort, compile and calculate data in different ways. Today, we’ll learn how to make hectic data entry process easiest with the help of data entry form in MS Excel.

Open a new document and put the headings of your columns, as shown in figure:

Select all Data and go to “Insert” tab

Click “Table” and Check the box “My table has headers” and click “OK”

Now, go to “File” menu

Go to “Options”

In the left column, Click on “Customize Ribbon”

From drop-down, Select “Command not in the Ribbon”

Select “Form”

Hit “New Tab”

Click Add, and Click on “Rename” to rename the Tab

Go to “Data Entry” tab

Click “Form”

Put data in form fields and press “Enter”

Here you Go!

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