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Create/Restore Database in SQL Server Management Studio 2014 -

Create/Restore Database in SQL Server Management Studio 2014

SQL Server management studio is the most powerful tool to manage databases in a software development environment. It can handle multiple databases at one time connected to different solutions.

Database backup and restore is a clean operation in SQL server management studio and doesn’t involve any rocket science but sometimes, it does.

Especially, when you create a new database and and restore an existing one there. Commonly, you’ll get an error:

Let’s solve this!

Go to “Databases”, right-click newly created database (which you created to restore an existing database) and “Delete”

Check the box “Close existing connections” and hit “OK”

Right-click “Databases” and click “Restore Database”

Check “Device” and click the three dotted button in front of “Device”

Click on “Add” to select database from the location in your PC

Browse your PC and select database backup to restore (backup should be a .bak file)

Click “OK”

Now the backup is added into the grid, Hit “OK”

Let the Process complete, Until you get the notification

Expand “Databases” and your new database is there.

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