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How to Install WordPress Manually | Meet Expert

How to Install WordPress Manually


an easy-to-use, fully customizable open source solution for building amazing websites in a short time and with a small effort. Here, we’ll tell you how to install WordPress manually

Let’s explore how to start using WordPress with WordPress installation

First, you need to go to https://wordpress.org/download/ and download the Latest Version of WordPress which is available here:

If you need to upload an old version of WordPress (which, in some cases, is required), Just scroll down the page and hit “All Releases”

Select the old version from the list, and download its .zip file

When download is finished, login to your hosting control panel (HCP) –> Files

Note: It can be “File Manager” or somehow related in some other HCPs

Go to the “root” folder of your website as shown in figure

Click “Upload”

Select the .zip folder of WordPress and upload here

Select the Zipped folder and “unzip” it

Choose the location where you want to unzip the folder, It must be the root folder of your site as shown in Figure

Go inside the WordPress folder

Select all files and Click “Move”

Be sure to move the files into the root folder as shown in Figure

Now go to the URL of your website

You will see this page, Click on “Let’s Go!”

Put your Database info (i.e Database name, Database Username and Password, Database Host) and Hit “Submit”

Note: If you don’t know how to create a database, Please check here

Choose the information for your WordPress website and login.

You can change this information after logging into your WordPress control panel

This is the successful install of WordPress manually

After WordPress installation, you site will look like

You can log into your WordPress dashboard on the URL www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin

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