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How to Add Checkbox in Excel Spreadsheet | Meet Expert

How to Add Checkbox in Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are commonly used to sort, compile and calculate data in different ways. We can also make simple forms with multi-options in Excel. Today, we’ll learn how to add checkbox in Excel spreadsheet.

We have a questionnaire here with 4 options each question. This questionnaire is an excel sheet, and we want to allow user to mark the correct answer by adding Checkbox in Excel Spreadsheet

Go to “File” menu

Choose “Options”

In “Excel Options” Click on “Customize Ribbon”

On right-hand side, under “Main Tabs”, Check the box before “Developer” and Click “OK”

Now you have a “Developer” tab added into your document

Under this “Developer” tab, go to “Insert” and from the drop down, Select the “checkbox” as shown in figure.

Now draw your checkbox to the right place, 

To edit the text, you need to first select the checkbox with CTRL+click. Furthermore, Highlight the text and change accordingly.

You can copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) as many check boxes as you need

Select each and drag to the right place. Edit text

You are now eligible to choose the correct option with this checkbox.

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