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How to Use Sale Of The Day Plugin by NopCommerce | Meet Expert

How to Use Sale Of The Day Plugin by NopCommerce

Get to know another amazing plugin by NopCommerce Venture theme which allows you to put your products on sale and get your customers engaged on your store. “Sale Of The Day” Plugin by  NopCommerce

So they visit your website daily to know the amazing sales and discounts you are offering.

Go to Nop-Templates=> Plugins=> Sale Of The Day=> Manage Offers

Click “Add new”

Give a title (This is a system name and will not display anywhere on your store) and click “Save and Continue Edit”

Under “Widget Zone” tab, Click “Add new record”

Select the “Widget Zone” for your offer, We recommend “homepage “widget zones as this is the landing page of your store and user get to know the offer on your homepage quickly

Set the display order of your offer in the Widget zone

Under “Scheduling” tab, Put the start and end date for the offer, Sale of the day normally starts and ends with the same day (default time for a day is set from midnight to midnight, however you can change it)

Under “Schedule pattern”, you may set the days of week and time of the day to display this offer

Set “From time” and “To time”

Click “Save and Continue Edit”

Move to “Products” tab and hit “Add a new product”

We need to put discounts on two products for this day, Select these two products and “Save”

You can change display order of products, Click “Update”

Click “Save”

Here is how your “Sale of the Day” will display on your online store homepage

To activate the discount, move to Catalog=> Products and Edit the product

Put the original price in “Old price” and Discounted price in “Price” section. Click “Save”

This is how Sale Of The Day Plugin by NopCommerce works.

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