How to Change Number of Products on Page in NopCommerce

In NopCommerce, user can select page size between three options that how many products he wants to see on the page. Default options are 9,6,3.

But if your have a bigger page, the rest area of your page will remain empty which looks quite appropriate. You can change these options according to your page size.

To change this on “Category” pages, Move to Catalog=> Categories

Click “Edit” button

Scroll down to “Allow customers to select page size” and check the box

Page size options are set to  9,6,3 by default for a three columns store, however you can change this ratio

First value is the default numbers of products on this page, i.e when user land on this page, he will see 15 products on the page

After overwriting values, click “Save”

Your user can now select between the options you defined in admin panel

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