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Scan To Folder In Windows 10 | Meet Your Expert Here

Scan To Folder In Windows 10

Scan to Folder in Windows 10 with FTP …..

First Create Folder in Windows 10 … ” XeroxScan”

Create Folder

Now select  Folder Properties with right click

Setting Permission on Folder

Now Setting Sharing  Permission….

Setting Sharing Permission

Setting up Sharing Permissions

Add User set permission sharing

Select user with Find Now ….


Click “OK” on Selected User

Click ok on Selected user

Now Select Permission ….


Check and Click on OK

Sharing Check and OK

Now Click on Security…


NOW Add User

security TAB add user

Click on Advance ….

Advance Security setting

Now Select Add User which will be authorized for SCAN

User for SCAN

Make Sure following Permissions ….

Make Sure Permission

Now Right Click on Start up…. Move to Control Panel

Control Panel

Select Small Icon in Control Panel ….

Small Icon in Control Panel

Select Programs and Features …

Program and Feature

Features ON and OFF…


Select windows Feature on or Off

Programs and feature

Install FTP services….

Install FTP Services

Go to Administrator Tools in Control Panel and  ” Internet Information Services ( IIS ) …

Administrator Tool

Click on Sites and then Add FTP Sites with Right Click …..

Add FTP Site

Add FTP Site Name and Folder For Scan which we have Created…

Add Site Name and Folder

Make Sure Physical Folder path for  Scanning ….

Folder Path for FTP

Select LOCAL Binding of IP ….

Local IP Binding

Select user and Authentications …

Select Administrator Account

Click FTP Authentication Rule …

FTP Authorization

Add Authentication  FTP Rules….


Add  USER For Scanning  ….


Make sure user is added in the Rule….

Make sure user is added

Now close the FTP and  make sure your System Firewall or Antivirus  is not blocking the 21 port for FTP Server …..

Now open Firewall Right Click on Network Icon …


Click on Firewall in below Left Corner of Window open


Click  on Firewall On or Off ….


Turn Off Firewall ….turn-off-firewall

NOW Lets Create Profile on MFP Xerox / HP / Ricoh and Any Other Brand …..

we are  going with Xerox MFP …..

lets enter the Machine IP address in any system Browser … we have Machine IP ” ” and Go to Scan TAB ….


Now click on Login …

Xerox Admin Login Screen

Enter Admin User and Password …. Xerox Machines have Default User Name ” Admin ” and Password “1111”


Create Scan Template Profile …. Now i am going to create “MyTemplate”

Xerox Scan Profile

Scroll Down and Enter System FTP User Name and Password ….

IIS user Name And Password

Now “MyTemplate” Is Created and now i am going to set some basic setting in this Scan Profile ……

Scan Template Setting

In Workflow Scanning just select “Simple Scan”

Simple Scan

in Report Option in “MyTemplate” Turn Off Reporting after Scan ….


Turn Off Reporting After Scan

We can Change the Format of Scanned Document …

Just go in “filing option”Scanned Document Format

and Select the desire format which you want to your documents ….


Now You Can Scan Document just from your MFP Panel …… where is Showing “MyTemplate” Scan profile ….

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