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How to Get Long and Healthy Eye Lashes? | Meet Expert

How to Get Long and Healthy Eye Lashes?

Eyes are the reflection of your personality. If your eyes are attractive, you are attractive. And beautiful long eye lashes make your eyes more beautiful. You can get long and healthy eye lashes with a little effort at your home.


Here we’ll tell you how to make a serum for the growth of your eye lashes with simple ingredients.

  1. One teaspoon Almond Oil


  2. One teaspoon Castor Oil


  3. Few drops of Olive Oil


  4. One tablespoon Shea Butter


    Take a small clean bowl and put all ingredients in it. Mix well until you get a creamy paste.

    Keep this paste in a small air-tight jar. Apply it on your eye lashes from roots to tips with the help of cotton bud or cleaned mascara brush before going to bed. Leave overnight and wash in the morning.

    Repeat this process every night to get long and healthy eye lashes. You can store this paste for one month.

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