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Things to Know Before Starting your First Gym Workout | Meet Expert

Things to Know Before Starting your First Gym Workout


The time of resolutions, promises and challenges is coming up.
One of the most common resolutions we make it to change our lifestyle and do something about ourselves and this is the first step in the direction of going to the gym. What should we be aware of before starting our first gym workout?


1: Health

I would recommend that everyone, intended to train at a gym, undergoes a detailed medical examination to assess their condition before starting physical activity. Physical training often neglects the need to monitor health: although, health is what mainly brings us to the gym.


Our intention is to begin leading a healthy lifestyle. Enhancing our posture and strengthening our mental capacity so it is worth checking what our possibilities and our limits are, it’s important for us to be  certain that we don’t have any dormant health issues, and that we are ready to embark on keeping our resolutions.

2: Proper Preparation

Many “Specialists” in physical exercises suggests commencing training without introducing a balanced diet and supplementation first. THIS IS UTTER NONSENSE.



If we are going to start our first gym workout, we should take a moment to think about what we have eaten before the training and whether this meal will let us feel comfortable during the workout.

We have to bear in mind that the pre-training meal should be consumed about one hour before visiting the gym, that it should be light and composed of products with high energy value and medium GL (glycemic index) value such as rice and pasta. The meals presented below are examples of pre-training meals:


100g chicken breast fillet boiled in water with spices
30g lean chicken ham
100g white rice
50g natural yogurt without sugar
2 slices of canned pineapple
You can add finely chopped onion, field mushrooms and cucumber.

Finely dice the boiled chicken breast and ham, add chopped pineapple, hard boiled rice and yogurt.
Mix well.

Intensive physical training leads to an energy deficit in the muscles, fitness-image-04which can be immediately balanced with a post-training meal. In some cases, we might provide our organism with more energy than is necessary. This is called post-training energy compensation. You have to be ready to immediately ‘revive’ your muscles after training, irrespective of whether you’re a professional body builder or a beginner. If you want to take the advantage after training for some muscle over-compensation.

  • Consume a portion of easily absorbed carbohydrates about 1 to 1.5g per 1kg of body weight, ideally in liquid form like VITARGO.
  • Provide your body with the main amino acids enabling physical effort, such as BCAA & GLUTAMINE.
  • If you can afford it, add extra dose of LEUCINE.

Only after that kind of regeneration you can take a shower and return home. fitness-image-05About 30 minute later, you should consume another balanced meal composed of a high protein supplement such as whey isolate which constitutes a source of high quality and easily absorbed protein, or a gainer if increasing body mass is your priority. Think every training session as difficult as hike up a mountain; you can’t begin without the proper preparation. If you don’t have a balanced meal before training or you forget to replenish carbohydrates after training, there’s no hope of achieving satisfactory results. …



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