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07 Habits to Keep Yourself Healthy, Young and Active -

07 Habits to Keep Yourself Healthy, Young and Active

07 Habits to Keep Yourself Healthy, Young and Active

1: Wake up early in the morningsleep well
Early to bed and early to rise is the key for a healthy lifestyle. Early rising is the first step to maintain a better health mentally and physically. When you get up early in the morning, you have more time to wrap up your things; you are fresher as compared to a late riser. You are always on time at your work and as said early come and early go, you finish your work in time and get back to your home on time.


2: Drink water on an empty stomach

Drinking water on an empty stomachMust drink water on an empty stomach, not only after leaving bed in the morning but also in day time before every meal. A glass of water before meal will not only reduce acidity in your stomach that hunger has produced but it will also restrain you from overeating. If somehow, you forget to drink water before meal, take it in mid-meal. But avoid drinking water before 30 minutes of finishing your meal. This practice will not only keep you active but will also prevent many diseases.

3: Do some exercise daily

Morning Exercise

Make exercise a must doing practice every day. Morning exercise keeps you active all day long. It refreshes your mind and lets you enjoy the full beauty of the morning. It pumps up your lungs with fresh air full of oxygen that keeps you energetic for entire day. Exercise keeps your body and mind motivated, it relaxes your muscles. If you don’t find more time for exercise, then do it just for 30 minutes daily. Exercise can be in form of walking, running or adapting some specific ways of exercise suggested by physicians.

4: Take a Healthy breakfast

Protein Rich Breakfast1Breakfast means breaking a fast or eating after long time. The interval between dinner and breakfast is more than the intervals between breakfast-lunch and lunch-dinner. So we need maximum carbohydrates and protein filled diet in breakfast. People having light breakfasts are analyzed to be fatigued all day long. While, those who take a complete balanced breakfast, are found more active and energetic. Your healthy breakfast must include egg and milk or fresh juice. You can also add some fresh fruits to your breakfast.

5: Spare some time for yourself


We have many things to do all day long. Office going individuals have their hectic official routine and those who stays at home have household tasks to do. But beyond all this, everyone needs a mental relaxation to keep him mentally and physically fit. Must spare some time from your hectic routine to spend as you wish to spend. If you are a party lover, go for a hangout with your family and friends once a week. If you love gardening or reading, do find some time once or twice a week for your hobby to keep yourself relaxed and happy.

6: Take bath before going to bed

Taking bath before sleeping

After working all day long, your muscles need to be relaxed at night to allow you to have a deep sleep. Take a bath of warm water before going to bed at night to give your fatigued muscles a miracle treatment. Warm water relaxes your muscles and washes off all pollution and dirt you mingled with the whole day long. And once your muscles get relaxed, you will sleep fast will wake up fresh.

7: Sleep on timesleep on time

Maintain your beauty sleep. Sleep for at least 8 hours is necessary to keep one’s mind and physic healthy and active. If you don’t take a full sleep of 8 hours, you will remain exhausted entire day and couldn’t be able to perform your duties with full effort. Lake of sleep is a disorder that can cause many mental misfits. One must sleep well to have a fresh brain, thoughtful approach and active physic. You strictly follow these 7 habit to keep yourself Healthy, Young and Active.

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