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A Perfect Skin Care Routine for You | Meet Expert

A Perfect Skin Care Routine for You

Main Image-Skin Care RoutineWhat do you need to look beautiful? When a woman is asked this question, she always looks at her face. Yes, here is the answer. She needs a beautiful face. Beautiful face doesn’t mean white skin, sharp features etc. It means a glowing, flawless skin that comes with a perfect skin care routine.

It’s easy to manage your skin when you are young but with the passage of time when you grow old, your skin care routine gets tougher. You need to pay more attention to your skin as compared you used to do in young age.

Skincare is not only an external matter but internal too. You need to deal with both your internal and external conditions to keep your skin flawless and healthy.

Here is a perfect skin care routine to keep your skin fresh and young.

benefits of drinking water


Take plenty of water, water hydrates your skin and help maintain its natural moisture. Intake of minimum 08 glass of water in a day is necessary. If you exceed this limit, it has no harm to you but only benefits.


Exercise for skinExercise:

Daily routine exercise not only good for your healthy physique but also beneficial for your skin. Exercise lets your pores breath and discharge dirty elements from your skin through sweat.



Diet ImageDiet:

Adding fresh fruits, juices, salad and green vegetables to your diet helps your skin look refresh and shining. Fresh orange juice is a rich source of vitamin C which is the essential vitamin for your skin regrowth and maintenance.



 Dirt and pollution makes skin dull. If you have an outgoing routine, you must add cleansing of your skin on daily basis at night. If you don’t have direct interaction with sun and pollution, you must have cleansing treatment twice a week. You can take a cleansing lotion or simply milk and a piece of cotton to cleanse your skin.

Scrubing ImageScrubbing:

Scrubbing your skin twice a week is also necessary to keep your skin clean and problem free. Get a good scrub from market and use it twice a week to exfoliate dirt and pollution from your skin. Those who have sensitive skin should do a gentle scrubbing once a week to avoid any discomforts.

moisturizer ImageMoisturizing:

Moisturizing is also necessary to maintain natural elasticity of your skin. You can get a moisturizer suitable to your skin or can use aloe Vera, almond oil, coconut or olive oil as a natural moisturizer to your skin with no side effects.


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