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Write Urdu in Adobe Photoshop -

Write Urdu in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 is a powerful designing tool by Adobe. You might have seen many beautiful articles written in Urdu language with eye-catching background effects. These effects are created using Adobe Photoshop. But Adobe Photoshop does not have any Urdu font. Let’s learn how to write Urdu in Adobe Photoshop.

Go to Inpage (Urdu typing software), Open file menu and Click on “New” to open a new document

File Menu_Open New Doc 01

Select New Document specifications, you can change dimension, margins, columns etc according to your requirements and then click “OK”

Choose Specs 02

Select font size and settings first before start writing Urdu

Text Font and Size 03


Type the Text you want to write in Adobe Photoshop

Add Urdu Text 04


Once you finish, Go to File menu and “Export Page”

Export page 05

Click “Browse”

Browse 06

Choose location, Give your file a name and Select “Encapsulated PostScript Files” from drop down list, Click “Save”

Encapsulated PostScript Files 07

Click “OK”

Save file 08

Your saved file is here with “EPS” file extension

File Format EPS 09

Go to Adobe Photoshop, File menu and Click “Open”

Open in Photoshop 10

Browse for EPS file location

Find Location and open 11

You can change file resolution, Click “OK”

Change resolution 12

Here’s a new layer in Photoshop containing your Urdu Text

New Layer Photoshop 13


You can copy/drag this text layer to any image or a plain background, Change color and apply effects on it

Apply Effects 14


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