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How to Insert HyperLink in MS Word -

How to Insert HyperLink in MS Word

Microsoft Word is used for drafting, letter writing and business documentation. Sometimes, business documents contains Business website URL. In MS Word document, you can insert your website link so that the receiver simply click on the link to access your website. Today we’ll tell you how to Insert a hyperlink in MS Word Document.

Go to MS Word and open a document

Image 001_Word Document

Highlight the Text on which you want to insert a Hyperlink

Go to “Insert” tab

Click on “Hyperlink”

Image 004_Hyperlink

A new window will open

Image 005_Insert Hyperlink

Type the Text you wish to display as link text in “Text to Display”

Image 006_Text to Display

Type Web Address in “Address” Field

Image 007_Web Address

Click “OK”

Image 008_Click Ok

Here you Go!

Image 009_Result

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