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Copy Layer Style in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 -

Copy Layer Style in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Photoshop CC 2017 is a powerful designing tool by Adobe. It has many amazing features that make designers love this tool for use to create simple, eye-catching and complex designs with a very short time. You can copy layer style in Adobe Photoshop and paste to another layer.

Open new Photoshop document


Set document properties and click “create”


Draw a shape using “shape tool”


Right-click shape layer, go to “Blending Options” and apply “Gradient”


Apply “Drop Shadow” effect


Apply “Stroke” and click “OK”


There are three effects on the shape layer

copy layer style in adobe photoshop

If we need to create the same shape, we simply make a copy of the layer with “ctrl+J” and that works for us

paste layer style in adobe photoshop

But what if we need to create a different shape? You can apply all effects one by one on the new shape layer but it will only work if you have 2,3 effects. But sometimes, there are more than 5 or 7 effects with different properties, applying effect one by one will not work

all-styles-layer style in adobe photoshop

Right-click the old layer from which you need to copy the effect and hit “Copy Layer Styles”


Right-click on the layer on which you want to apply the same effects and hit “Paste Layer Styles”


Here you are!


You can create multiple shape objects with the same effects

layer style in adobe photoshop

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