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How to Post on Instagram from Your PC -

How to Post on Instagram from Your PC

Instagram is a social media channel just for use on your mobile device. So the bad thing is, You can see a “+” button only on your mobile application which allows you to upload stories on Instagram through your mobile phone.

So if you have something on your PC and you want to post it on Instagram as a story, you need to transfer the file to your mobile phone and then you can post it on your Instagram as Instagram doesn’t allow you to post from your web version.

Lets make it easy for you to post on Instagram from you PC!

Simply download the Desktop version of Instagram here.

When download is completed, move to “Downloads” folder, right-click the application and click “Run as Administrator”

Once installation is finished, It will redirect you to the desktop application of Instagram. Click “Login”

You may continue with your “Facebook” account by putting your Facebook ID and Password and Instagram will be associated with your Facebook account

If you don’t wish to continue with Facebook, Put your Instagram account Username and Password as shown and click “Login”

You need to save the info. This is very important to know that in some cases you should not click on “Save Info” especially when you are using someone’s PC like your friend’s, or you are in some internet cafe etc, in that case click “Not Now”.

If you are using your own PC to login, you may save your info so you do not have to put your info again and again while logging in to Instagram on your PC

After logging in, you can see the “+” sign in the bottom of the page, Hit this “+” sign

Select image you wish to post in Instagram and hit “Open”

Note: Instagram just accepts “JPEG” images and standard size of image is square (i.e. 500×500 px, 1000×1000 px, 1500×1500 px), If image will be rectangle or circle,  Instagram will crop it to a square.

Click “Next”

Add some text about your image if you want to and click “Share”

You can associate up to 5 Instagram accounts to your Instagram desktop application.

Enter Username and password of the other account. Enjoy the freedom of posting stories to your favorite social media channel from mobile and your PC as well.

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