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How to start services of SQL Server Management Studio 2014 -

How to start services of SQL Server Management Studio 2014

SQL Server Management Studio is a database management server, But we cannot access its database when it denies to start. Yes! it happens. Sometimes, when windows update automatically, SQL Server denies to start. This is because, some updates stops the services of SQL Server behind the scene and when we try to connect to SQL Server

It gets back with this exception “Cannot connect to SQL Server”

If you get this exception, Immediately check if the services of SQL are working?

Press windows+R and type in “services.msc”. Hit “Enter”

OR go to start menu and type in “services”. Hit “Enter”

In the list, scroll down to “SQL Server” and see if its running. If the status is blank, it means services of SQL are stopped

Right-click SQL Server and hit “Start”

OR double-click SQL Server, and hit “Start” in new pop-up window

Let the starting process complete

Once its completed, Hit “OK”

Now you can see the status. It has been changed to “Running”

Go back to SQL Server Management Studio and connect again

Here you are!

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