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How to Create New Database for WordPress -

How to Create New Database for WordPress

WordPress is an easy-to-use, fully customizable open source solution for building amazing websites in a short time and with a small effort. Someone with PHP expertise can make a great use of WordPress built-in code which need minimum modifications to alter the website according to requirements. You need to create a new Database to take a start with WordPress.

WordPress works with MySQL database, Let us know how to start with WordPress by creating a new database.

Building a website, first need a domain and hosting. After buying hosting for your website, you will be provided a hosting control panel with login credentials from your hosting service provider.

To create a new database for WordPress, Login to your hosting control panel (HCP). No matter which hosting panel you are using, there are always some standard option in every HCP. Move to “Databases”

Note: It can be “Manage Databases” or “Database Management” or somehow related in some HCPs

WordPress uses MySQL database.

Click on “+MySQL Database”

Add your database credentials, i.e

  1. “Database Name”
  2. “Database Password”
  3. “Disk Quota” (Database space quota is the space of content database can hold, it varies as per each website)

and “Submit”

Now you have created a new database for WordPress under “MySQL Databases”

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