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How to Add New Product in NopCommerce | Meet Expert

How to Add New Product in NopCommerce

NopCommerce is the best platform to build an eCommerce store online, But it need expertise to continuously update your store. Stock is a fluctuating entity and it can change each day. This is not possible that you ask the developer of your website to maintain all this on daily basis. You can manage your store yourself to built some basic expertise.

Let’s know how to add new product in NopCommerce

Go to Catalog–> Products

Click “Add new”

1: For a single product, select “Simple Product”

“Grouped products” are for two product in one price, this is mainly used for buy 1 get other free or for package products

Step 2, 3, 4: Write Product name, short description and full description of product

1: Choose if you want your inventory controlled by your store.

2: Add shipping charges, these will be added to customer cart when customer will shop this product from your online store

1: Until you check “Published”, product will not show on website.

2: If this is a featured product and you want to show this on your store homepage, check “Show on home page”

3: Display order here is concerned with on which number you want to show product on homepage.

4: Check “Allow customer reviews” if you want your customers to put there reviews on this product

5 & 6: You can select from which date product will show on your store and on which date it will be vanished

7, 8 & 9: Select “Category“, “Manufacturer” and Vendor for product

Add “Price” for the product

You may check “Disable buy button” if you want to keep this product just for information and not for sale on your store, If not, Keep this un-checked

Click “Add new related product”, Search product by name or other parameters, Check the products you want to add as related products. You may check multiple products at one time, but reasonable figure is 3-4 products as per your product columns on the page

Similarly, you may add cross-sell products

Click “Save and Continue Edit”

Move to “SEO” tab, NopCommerce has built-in SEO feature which allows you to optimize your store on search engines with small effort, Put “Meta Keywords”, “Meta Description”, “Meta Title” and “search engine friendly page name” and Click “Save and Continue Edit”

To know more about Meta Keyword and Meta Description, Click here

Go to “Pictures” tab, Click “Upload a file”, Choose file from your computer and Click “Add product pictures”

You may add multiple pictures to a product and can control this using display order of each picture

Click “Save and Continue Edit”

Move to “Product attributes” tab, and click on “Add a new attribute”

1: Select attribute from the list. If the attribute is not in the list, See here how to create a new product attribute.

2: Type in if your display name is different than your attribute name

3: Check “Required” if you don’t want to allow customer to place order without selecting the attribute

4: Select any control type according to your website outlay

5: Display order of attribute if you want to set multiple attributes for the product

6: Click “Save and Continue Edit”

Move to “Value” tab and click “Add new value” and follow the steps given here

Note: If you already have values in your attribute and you are okay with that, then you don’t need to do this step

Click “Save”

Move to “Tabs” tab, You may add new tab for the products if you need specific information to be displayed in a separate tab

Click “Add new tab”

Choose “System name” and “Display name” of the Tab and click “Save”

Now “Preview” your product and Click “Save”

Here is how your product look like in your store

Product attributes

Long description of the product, Your newly created “Tab” will show here after the “Description” tab

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