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How to Edit Scanned PDF Documents Easily | Meet Expert

How to Edit Scanned PDF Documents Easily

Adobe has recently launched Adobe Acrobat DC. The major difference between Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat DC is that Adobe Acrobat can read and edit PDF files but Adobe Acrobat DC can read and edit scanned PDF files that Adobe Acrobat can’t do. Lets learn how to Edit Scanned PDF Documents Easily

You need to get the software Adobe Acrobat DC here

After completing the installation and activation, you are now able to edit your scanned documents easily.

Open the document in Adobe Acrobat DC

If you want to change the text in this scanned document, Go to “Edit PDF”

You can change/format your text, copy and paste the text, insert images etc. This is just like you are editing in Word document

Copy Text:

Paste Text:

Change Font:

Change Text Size and Color

Manage text i.e. Text alignment, before and after margin and word spacing

You can either add image or multiple images to your PDF document

Select image from your computer

After pasting the image into the document, you can customize this image

We’ve cropped the image according to our document

This is very easy to edit your scanned PDF documents and insert text and objects in your document with Adobe Acrobat DC like it was never before.

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