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How to Create/Manage Sliders for NopCommerce Website | Meet Expert

How to Create/Manage Sliders for NopCommerce Website

Anywhere slider is a dynamic plugin of NopCommerce. As its name indicates, with the help of this plugin, you can place sliders to multiples places of your website. Let’s know how to create or manage Sliders for NopCommerce store

Go to Nop-Templates–> Plugins–> Anywhere Sliders–> Manage Sliders

Click “Add new slider”

1: Give your slider a name, this name is not displayed anywhere on the website, so be relaxed and select any convenient name for your slider

2: Select animation effect from drop-down, animation speed, interval and navigation property

First box lets your picture behave like a link so you can redirect user to the appropriate URL by clicking the Slider image.

Second box lets your Slider image stands until when the user’s mouse hover on image. If you leave this un-checked, slider will keep sliding according to the given interval

Click “Save and Continue Edit”

Move to “Pictures” tab, Click “Add a new slider image”

1: Upload Slider image

2: Make it visible

3: Choose display order of image

4: Click “Save”

Note: You may add as many images as you want to show on slider

After adding all slider images, click on “Save and Continue Edit”

Move to “Widget Zones” tab and Click “Add new record”

Select the widget zone for your slider to be appear in, i.e for Homepage Main Slider, select “home_page_main_slider.

You may change the widget zone of any slider at any time.

Click “Save”

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