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How to Create Discount Campaign in NopCommerce Store | Meet Expert

How to Create Discount Campaign in NopCommerce Store

Do you need to put the discount on all items in your store? Or you are looking to give a flat discount on a specific category of products? This is not the time to go on each product and apply discount separately, or find the specific category products and do the same.

Here you have the best and simplest solution with NopCommerce.

Go to “Promotions” and click on “Discounts”

Click “Add new”

Give  your discount a name (This is a system name and would not display anywhere on your store), and select “Discount Type”

1: Check the box before “Apply to subcategories” if you have subcategories under categories.

2: If you want to give a fixed amount discount on each product, put the amount. Or check the box before “Use percentage” to apply discount according to the price of each product.

3: Write down the percentage. Moreover, You can also fix the maximum discount, and discount amount will not exceed from this amount.

4: If your discount requires a coupon code, check the box and give the code of coupon. Discount will be given to only those customers who will put the right coupon code.

Choose start date and end date for your discount. Discount will start on the given start date and time and will end up on the selected end date and time.

Click on the “Clock” icon to set the time of starting and ending of discount

You can give unlimited discount or can limit your number of discounts per customer or in total

(Example: If you wish to limit this discount to 100 times, Choose the option “N times only” and when count reaches to 100, discount will be discarded automatically)

Click “Save and Continue Edit”

Move to “Requirements” tab, and select a requirement type for this discount.

If you choose “Guest”, the discount will be applicable to all visiting customers.

If you select “Registered”, only those customers who are registered on your store will be eligible to see and avail the discount. Others will see the normal price.

Move to “Applied to categories” tab and click “Add new category”

(If in the discount info tab, you would have selected “Assigned to products”, you will see “Applied to products” tab here and so on)

Check the box before each category you want to apply discount on. You can add multiple categories at one time or separately and click “Save”

After adding the categories, click “Save”

You can monitor the usage history of your discount in “Usage history” tab

Or your can go to the list of discounts.

After each discount you can see the number of times a discount has been availed in “Times used” column

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