• How to start services of SQL Server Management Studio 2014

    March 20, 2019 0
    SQL Server Management Studio is a database management server, But we cannot access its database when it denies to start. Yes! it happens. Sometimes, when windows update automatically, SQL Server denies to start. This is [...]
  • How to Add New Category in NopCommerce

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    NopCommerce is an open-source Ecommerce solution. You can create dynamic and smashing online stores using NopCommerce. There are many awesome features this solution have. Let us tell you how to create a new Category in [...]
  • Change Password in SQL Server Management Studio 2014

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    In SQL Server Management Studio, we can manage multiple databases, But which application should access which database is defined in the configuration file of the application and this access is based on the credentials of [...]
  • How to Calculate Table Values in MS Word

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    MS Excel made calculation of data very easy. It has various formulas to calculate complex data and get results but when if we make a document in MS Word with table data and we need [...]
  • How to Post on Instagram from Your PC

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    Instagram has been designed as a social media channel just for use on your mobile device. So the bad thing is, You can see a “+” button only on your mobile application which allows you [...]
  • Copy Layer Style in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

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    Photoshop CC 2017 is a powerful designing tool by Adobe. It has many amazing features that make designers love this tool for use to create simple, eye-catching and complex designs with a very short time. [...]
  • Create/Restore Database in SQL Server Management Studio 2014

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    SQL Server management studio is the most powerful tool to manage databases in a software development environment. It can handle multiple databases at one time connected to different solutions. Database backup and restore is a [...]
  • Use WhatsApp on Your PC

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    WhatsApp was initially introduced as an application to get connected with your friends and family and those who were in other countries and calling or texting to them was not affordable. But now, it has [...]
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    Today, everything and everyone is on internet. You must have seen many videos on the YouTube. People share their knowledge, skills and experience over YouTube in form of videos. There’s many kind of tutorials, entertaining [...]
  • How to Insert HyperLink in MS Word

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    Microsoft Word is used for drafting, letter writing and business documentation. Sometimes, business documents contains Business website URL. In MS Word document, you can insert your website link so that the receiver simply click on [...]
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    Photoshop is a designing and editing tool used by many professional designers around the World. Where professionals use this tool to create amazing effects and designs, many beginners also desirous to learn Photoshop to create [...]
  • How to Adjust Brightness in Adobe Photoshop

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    Select the image you want to adjust brightness of. Go to “File” menu Click “Open” to open a file Browse your PC and select file Click on “Image” menu Go to “Adjustments” Click on “Levels” [...]