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How to Change any Folder Icon in Windows 10 | Meet Expert

How to Change any Folder Icon in Windows 10

There are many folders in your drives, more and less important. Some folders you create and access rarely, but some you need to access very often. The easiest way to jump to the important folders is to make them distinct among other folders so you can search out those folders easily.

Let’s make your important folders distinct by changing folder icon.

Here’s the example of folders in your PC

Right-click the folder you want to make distinct and go to “Properties”

In “Properties” window, under “Customize” tab, Click on “Change Icon”

There are a lot of images you can use as your folder icon , you may use this bar to scroll

Select any suitable image and click “OK”

In “Properties” window, click “Apply” and then “OK”

Here’s how your folder gets distinct among other folders

You can make more than one folders look different from other remaining folders, But be sure not to change icon of so many folders so you get confused among the changed folders

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