How to Import and Export Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a universal browser most commonly used Worldwide. You can Import and Export bookmarks in google chrome very easily.

Open Google Chrome, Click on three dots on upper-right corner of the browser and select “Bookmarks -> Bookmark Manager”

bookmarksmanager, bookmarks, google chrome

Click three dots on upper-right corner of bookmarks page

organizebookmark, google chrome, bookmarks

From menu, Select “Export Bookmarks”

exportbookmark. google chrome

Select folder in your PC where you want to save bookmarks file and click “Save”

savebookmarks. google chrome, export

To Import bookmarks to another Google Chrome, Open Google Chrome. Go to Bookmarks page and Select “Import Bookmarks” from menu

importbookmarks, google chrome

Select the exported bookmarks file from your PC and click “Open”

selecthtmlfile, google chrome, import

This is how we import and export bookmarks in Google Chrome.

importedbookmarks, google chrome, export

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