How to transfer call logs and text messages from android to android

Tired of your old mobile phone and want to switch to a new one but have a lot of data including your pictures, videos etc. Pictures and videos can be easily moved from your old mobile phone to new one using memory card. But what about your important contacts, call logs and text messages?

Are you ready to note down your contacts and then save again to your new mobile phone? But what to do with text messages and call logs?

No worries, You can easily move all your call logs and text messages from your old phone to new one.

Go to Google Play Store and search for “SMS Backup & Restore”

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Install the App. (You have to install the app on both devices to make a successful transfer)

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Once the app is installed, it will look like:

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Go to app and select backup:

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You will be redirected to backup screen where you can choose options regarding your backup as shown in figure:

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Choose options and click “Yes”:

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Once you will proceed, the process of calls and text messages backup will start:

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You will get a completion notification:

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Select “Transfer”

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Select Transfer options: (If you want to transfer using your old phone, Choose first option; If want to use new phone then choose second option)

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You will be redirected to the screen as shown in figure:

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If both devices are connect with the internet, then files will begin to transfer directly. If not, you can choose “Send Backup Manually”

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You can either use Bluetooth or any other from given options to transfer your data as shown in figure:

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Image 014_Post 008

Once backup files are received on new phone, Go to app in your new phone and select “Restore”

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Click on the arrow (>) in front of “call log” and “text messages” to browse your phone data

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Image 018_Post 008

Locate from where you want to pick the backup files

Image 019_Post 008

Select backup files, click restore and enjoy using your new phone with all your old secured data.

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